Sri Lanka has it's own fast and friendly emergency services.Before you plan a trip you need to know about your safety tips. Sri Lanka is a relatively secure place for your journey.  That’s why you’re here. And Sri Lankan central government introduces new laws for traveler’s safety. But the reason is some cheating people always try to cheat tourists. And local travel agents already have few complains about that. So this article will help you to make your safety in your loving journey.

1.      Don’t keep your bags open when you’re in a bus or a train.


2.      Make sure your phone has some strong security plan and if possible also blocking/erasing from a central place. If you lose your phone, they can’t get your personal things.  


3.      Don’t trust people (guide people) who don’t have the tourist board issued guiding identity card.  


4.      If you go out to the hotel keep your room key with you.


 5.      Don’t eat things you did not try before.


6.      Keep your money, wallet, and jewelries always with you.


7.      Don’t jump off to the water falls. Because many of them have hidden rocks under the water or slippery moss-covered stones.


8.      Don’t try to play with wild animals like elephants, monkeys.


9.      If you want to visit a jungle or wildlife park, make sure you have a tracker with you.


10.  Always look at the expiration date of foods and drinks before eat or drink.


11.   We know you’re so scramming with mosquitoes. After all dengue can be a fatal disease. But for your safety you can use mosquito coils and vaporizer or a net.


12.  You can only buy fresh fruits in the village not in the city. Before buying fruits and vegetables some might need help from your hotel manager or your guide.

13.    Be careful with choosing your guide. Few of them are cheaters.


14.  If you plan to buy gems or jewelry, make sure you know in detail how to distinguish fakes from real ones. If not, only buy when the seller is willing to meet you a second time at Gem Board in Colombo for a free appraisal, and only exchange gem and payment after this.


 Please be kind to note these things too.


1.      Sri Lanka is a traditional country. People are very kind and helpful. If you going to holy places like temple or a church, you need to cover legs (at least up to knees) and shoulders.


2.      Don’t drink alcoholic drinks and don’t smoke on the public areas. Sri Lankan law and people not allow them.


3.      Always keep emergency numbers with you.


* Emergency Numbers


Police Emergency Hotline118 / 119
Ambulance / Fire & rescue110
Accident Service-General Hospital-Colombo011-2691111
Tourist Police011-2421052
Police Emergency011-2433333
Government Information Center1919
Report Crimes011-2691500
Emergency Police Mobile Squad011-5717171
Fire & Ambulance Service011-2422222