Telephone numbers are normally in 10 digit numbers in Sri Lanka. There are three fixed lines operators and five mobile operators are running the show.

The mobile operators are Dialog, Mobitel, etisalat (previously known as Tigo/Celltel), Air Tel and Hutch. The fixed line operators are SLT, Lanka Bell, and Suntel. By looking at a number you can identify what operator that number belongs to. Mobile numbers starting with 077 is Dialog, starting with 072 is Etisalat, starting with 071 is Mobitel,starting with 075 is Airtel and starting with 078 is Hutch.

Applicable Government law requires person to have registered SIM card under their name. All the mobile phones must have their unique EMIE number, other wise it can't be used in Sri Lanka.

Sundays, Poyadays, and on Goverment holidays out going call charges are available at low price.

Fixed operators can be identified by looking at the 4th digit of the number. If the 4 th digit is:

  • 2 - SLT
  • 5 - Lanka bell
  • 4 - Suntel

As a visitor to Sri Lanka you can use a prepaid connection at a very economic rate during your stay in Sri Lanka. Almost in all the towns and villages you can buy prepaid cards & reload facilities. Among the mobile operators Dialog is the most popular mobile operator in Sri Lanka. Also in all the towns you get coin boxes where you can insert few coins and take a call.

As a tourist in the arrival lounge you can find all the mobile service providers' stalls. There you can buy and insert the local SIM card or Nano sim card from them,which is available for US$ 10. Important thing, your smartphone must be in the unlocked position. Normally the SIM will have Rs 700 call minutes and 500 Mb data plan. Take care to activate the SIM while you are there. Later you can re-load it in any place inside Sri Lanka.

The call charges of the all opertors are almost same (local calls)/calls within the island

  • International rates can vary operator to operator.
  • Incoming calls and incoming text (SMS) are free.
  • Many places offer free Wi-Fi connectivity while you can buy pay as you go Wi-Fi cards from mobile phone service providers.

Most of the cities has 2G and 3G Network facility while all the major cities provide 4G LTE Network.

00 is the International Direct Dial Code you use to call overseas from within Sri Lanka.

94 is the International Country Code for calling Sri Lanka.

Website for Sri Lanka Telecom is

Advice: stick to buying the sim card right there in the aiport as the prices will be reasonable and they will provide you with all the details on how much money it would cost for an international call or how to recharge if you run out of credit or even how to get DATA on to the sim to have headache free internet access.

Make sure it's either Dialog Or Mobitel Network Providers as they give the best coverage!