Tips have to be earned, not expected.

In Hotels

  • Housekeeping staff : Rs. 100 a day
  • Porters : Rs.50-100 depending how much stuff had to be carried etc
  • Barman: Local tourists rarely tip a barman. If you're a regular visitor and the service is great, then you can tip a Rs.200, at the end of the day, to show your apprecation. Do not tip per drink/round. 

Restaurants: Rs. 200 tip is enough at most upscale restaurants. Small change less than Rs.100 is fine for smaller cafes and restaurants. Most locals do not tip at restaurants and a 10% (or an amount relative to the total bill) is not expected as such.

  • Driver/guide: 500 LKR per day.
  • Taxis: There is no tipping culture with local taxis. But you can always round it up to the nearest Rs.150 or Rs.200. 

If you visit temples that don't charge entrance fees a small donation - less than Rs 500 - is always welcome.

Tips are always down to discretion.