For airporttransfers SAW & IST- try to book a shared shuttle transfer or a private transfer at a fixed price - it is well worth the money and you can avoid the scams the taxidrivers try to pull on you.

The classic is- even on a meter the driver can adjust the amount during the drive- keep a good eye on his hands. At the end of the tour they suddenly do not understand any english and start telling you all kinds of stories in turkish and can seem a bit violent. DO NOT BE SCARED OF THIS - NEVER give a driver a 50TRY note- they are magicians and suddenly your note is a 5TRY note and they take advantage of the turists insecurity. If they pull this trick on you- tell them to go to Police station- Istanbul Touristpolice has a yellow-wooden building by the St. Sofia Museum and they speak english there. Always take a pic of the numberplate or write it down on paper if your driver insists to cheat you. The police will do something about this if you contact them. And you should....If you stand your ground the drivers usually just want you to leave and get away from the situation- just NEVER give them more money! 

Flying  to Sabiha Gocken Airport(SAW) or to Ataturk Airport(IST), you can use a taxi  to Everywhere in the city- Sultanahmet and Taksim.. Taxis are waiting outside the airports and the metered fare is around 120 Turkish Lira from sabiha Gokcen and 55 TL from Ataturk Airport. There are only two issues. The taxis tend to be rather small and with four passengers and four bags it can be a bit of a squeeze. Journey time is about 55 minutes from Sabiha Gokcen and 30 minutes from Ataturk airport. The second issue is lack of good street signage in Istanbul. Have your destination address written out, and also a map or landmark to guide the driver. The  phone number of your hotel should also be written on the same paper. Even with signage many driver have no clue where they are going- if you get the idea that they are lost- call the hotel immediately and let them talk to the driver- here you can also aviod the scam by driving around and get the amount to rise on the meter.

Beware that taxi drivers will  try to over-charge tourists. Tell the driver where you want to go, and ask him how much it will cost. If he quotes you a fare, say no and look for another taxi. If he says "taximeter", that means he will just adjust the amount on his buttons, and  your price will definately not be the same as locals pays. Taxis are fairly cheap in Istanbul- if you speak turkish, know your way or have a turkish speaking person in the car. If not- try to avoid taxis...Public transportation is efficient, cheap, easy to use and quite fun. If you must use a taxi- ask you hotel to help- get the real price from a Turk and tell the driver that you know the price.


Istanbul has too many cars and too little space for them. You will encounter endless queues on certain times of day. If you arrive/depart to/from SAW Sabiha Göchen Airport- take this into account. SAW is located on the Asian side of Istanbul- quite far from the main tourist areas. Upon your departure please put some extra time into your travelplans as you can sometimes get stucked in traffic. And remember to bring a sandwich and something to drink in your bag. Eat and drink in all Turkish  airports are  WAY overpriced.

Finding a taxi in Istanbul is simple (they seem to outnumber private cars). The main problem is avoiding them when you dont want one.

To look for alternative ways of transfer from or to the airports by using public transportation, have a look at airport transfer articles. The driver will meet you personally at your terminal arrival gate or platform with a board with "Your Name" written on. You will be escorted to your vehicle, with no-fuss or waiting. Then you can relax as the driver takes care of your trip to your hotel or accommodation or other transfer point. Don't worry also about rushing to get your flight. With an organised transfer shuttle,  can take you direct to the airport with no stress. are always willing to provide assistance with luggage.Unlimited time of waiting and parking payment are already included into a rate by.