Qasr Amra

is located on the eastern Desert highway around 15 minutes further on from Qasr Kharana and was a hunting lodge rather than a true castle. The remoteness and desolation of the surrounding area make it hard to believe this area was ever fertile and covered in woodland hosting numerous game.

the buildings house some of the oldest frescos on Jordan which are being painstakingly restore by UNESCO and the Italians and while the lower levels have been severely damaged, the upper walls and roof contain some very good scenes of hunting, feasting and partying.

Recommended to take the local guide/caretaker who was very helpful and knowledgeable in giving a good picture of both the history and the restoration efforts.

in some respects this was the best of the three castles visited (Qasr Azraq, Qasr Kharana) in a half day drive out from Amman