Dotted with remnants of Bronze Age, Ottoman and Byzantine remnants, Jordan’s capital, Amman, is a shrine of history. In fact, Jordan is assumed to be the site where the first human settlement (in 7,000 B.C.E. in a town named Jericho). However, a modern city has arisen around these rich, cultural monuments. With a population of around 2 million, Amman teems with life and houses almost half of the country’s population. There are McDonald’s signs in Arabic, people mill around fruit stands and choose luscious watermelons and fresh vegetables. Smoke rises from local kebab stalls, sleek new European cars zoom down the crowded streets and quaint white-walled cafes are filled with residents sipping potent Arabian coffee in the shade. The markets, called souqs (markets), are colorful, central places where vendors sell fruit, perfume, gold and other trinkets.
Jordanians are a mix of cultures. 50 percent of Jordanians have Palestinian origins, having come to Jordan as refugees from Palestine during the 1948 and 1967 wars with Israel. There are also some Jordanian Circassians who are non-Arab Islamic from     western Asia. Cicassians fled south towards the Balkans and parts of the Middle East during the 19 th century during the Russian expansion. Some have Bedoin blood, which are known as desert dwellers who historically are nomads. Jordan also houses hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, some highly-educated, others who sell cigarettes on the streets.
Majority of Jordan’s population is well-educated and it is know as progressive in terms of supporting woman’s rights compared to its Arab neighbors. However, as a women traveling in Jordan, it is important to know the customs. Females should not let a man into their apartment unless they know them. Although it is not acceptable for men to stare, whistles and shout comments at women walking by, it is likely to happen with westerner women especially in the downtown area of Amman. (Unfortunately since there is a large number of foreign prostitutes, it is not uncommon to be mistaken for one). Sometimes, men will follow foreign women unless they make it apparent they want the man to leave.   Since it is most Jordanian women are covered, westerners tend to stand out. In addition, since Jordanian are conservative regaridng man-woman encounters in public places, in casual conversation, many Jordanian men may seem overly friendly to western women travelers. Women travelers should be aware of the appropriate actions, which if they are followed, eliminate any problems or awkward situations.