In order to drive in Jordan, tourists need to have an “International Driving Permit.” In Jordan, people drive on the right side of the road, but since the city can be confusing with its circular formations, the best way to travel through Amman is via taxi. The main type of taxi is a yellow taxi which has the word Taxi on the top of its roof (ala New York style). These sort of Taxis are reasonably priced, but there is also another cheaper Taxi option. The white taxis in Amman, that have a panel that lights up in Arabic writing on their roof, is called a ‘service.’ These taxis have fixed routes at established points. However, unless one reads Arabic, it can be difficult to navigate to the correct local. Travelers should note that most cab drivers (in fact most residents of Jordan) speak at least a bit of english. However passengers should direct taxi drivers by the Arabic name of where they wish to go, or may end up in the wrong place. 

There are government-run public buses that have routes throughout the city. However, women should be cautious of traveling on the buses as sometimes, men have been known to grab at Western women inappropriately. If this happens, women should be aware that they should make a scene, shout or slap the man away. Most Jordanians will sympathize for the women, even if she is a westerner.

Jordan has a railroad from Damascus, Syria and Amman. Two times in one week, the train makes this 9-hour commute. Though historically, this same railroad brought pilgrims from Medina, a holy city in Aradia, the railroad now is used mostly for foreign tourists and is run by government services.