Amman has experienced a social boom in the past few years by opening restaurants, clubs and bars all over the place (property value has gone up as much as 200 percent in the past two years alone!) It is hard to believe there are such luxury hotels, high-class restaurants and flashing light bars.

Clubs and bars, many of which are located in the top hotels in Amman, include bars that show traditional Arabic music as well as British and Irish style pubs. A new trend in Amman is the opening of several nightclubs with a chic, South-East Asian theme, with tropical cocktails and loud ambient music. These clubs as well as others located in the luxury hotels around town attract the city’s rich youth and expat population. There are also beer gardens and English beer pubs which western tourists frequent. Alcohol is served at most restaurants throughout Amman except during Ramadan.

There are many Cafe's as well to check out.