The best place to shop in Amman is in the downtown area of town. Depending on what type of shopping one desires, Amman offers many options. Though the souqs are not as impressive as those in Cairo and Damascus, Amman’s souqs offer interesting craft items, jewelry, traditional Bedoin fabrics and painting. Here within narrow passageways, tourists can find innumerable trinkets and gifts. In some of the smaller shops downtown, shop owners will offer tourists a coup of coffee while browsing the store. This is common in many parts of the Middle East.  

At the same time, travelers should note that unlike other parts of the Middle East, bargaining is not very common in Amman. Only some of the smaller shops selling souvenirs will bargain with the price.
In the west of Amman, in areas like Sweifieh,Madina, al tebyah street,  there are more modern big malls featuring designers from all over the world (including European styles). 

Shops are normally open from 9 in the morning until around 1:30 or 2:00 pm when shops close for a two hour break. Traditonally, shops then re-open from 3:30 to 6 pm, but nowadays, some Western stores stay open later. Most shops are closed Friday and also close earlier during Ramadan. Malls open from 10am -10pm.

A note of caution: Travelers should be aware that it is illegal to take anything out of Jordan that is more than 100 years old and not buy anything they think may be older than this. Ending up in a Jordanian prison would not be the brightest ending to a trip here.