Outside of Jordan, the Wadi desert not only offers beautiful views but also a great terrain for hiking. With its mix of mountains, sand dunes, black hills and rocks, it is the perfect place for a hike. Jeeps and Camels are also available for rent for those less fit tourists.

On the coast by the Gulf of Aqaba, there are many opportunities to dive and snorkel, as the waters are full of beautiful, tropical fish and coral reefs. Throughout the year, the water temperature rarely falls below 68° so it is rather comfortable for snorkeling. Also, several dive centres at Aqaba offering PADI courses, equipment rental and boat tours. The beaches surrounding these sights, such as Aquamarine or Holiday Beach, can be a good visit for travelers, after a day on a boat or diving. In addition, there are companies that offer Dolphin, shark and whale-watching trips for tourists.

Jordan also has 10 wildlife reserves which travelers can visit. For instance, the Azraq Wetland Wildlife Reserve hosts 300 different types of birds alone. Tourists can also see red wolves, gazelles, hyenas and jerboas at these reserves.

For jet-setter types, the Royal Aero Sports club enables thrill seekers to skydive, go on a hot air balloon ride and learn how to fly. There is also one golf course in Amman (14 km outside of the city center) and a water park good for families.

For running and/or marathon enthusiasts Jordan offers a number of official and semi official marathons, adventure marathons, desert marathons and trail running events. The best events are the Dead Sea Marathon, the Dead 2 Red Relay Marathon, the Full Moon Desert Marathon and The Pilgrimage Marathon.