This section describes practical things visitors to the UAE need to know.

Electrical sockets throughout the UAE are normally the three-pin square type as used in the UK. The same voltage applies as in the UK. Appliances can be bought in the UAE with a three-pin plug or a two-pin European plug. Adaptors are widely available.

The currency is the UAE Dirham (international currency code AED often abbreviated to Dh). This is fixed to the US Dollar but all other currencies are floating. It is usually cheaper to buy Dirhams after you arrive in the UAE.

There are two telephone providers in the UAE, 'Etisalat' and 'du'. Both these companies offer mobile/cell phone roaming facilities and pre-paid SIM cards that can be used by visitors. There are also payphones available. Local phone calls (from business and residential landlines) are free within the city you are located, but be aware that hotels may charge for local phone calls.

Satellite navigation (GPS) maps are available for various route-finding devices and these maps are available on-line or for purchase locally with a device (for example, for Garmin). This can be a very good way to find your way round a country where roads are changing constantly.

Maps can be bought after you arrive in bookshops and some supermarkets. You can choose between city street maps, country road maps and maps based on satellite pictures. Make sure that you have the most up-to-date version as new roads are opened on a regular basis.