At the time of this post, USD1 often written as U$S1 (USDollar) = $19.6  (Urugyuan peso).  It's a little confusing to see $ but get used to it, that is the UYU peso, not dollars.

  • Restaurants: 10% of the bill
  • Baggage handlers at the airport/hotel: $20  / USD1 per bag 
  • Housekeeping: $20 / USD1 per day of your hotel stay
  • Taxi drivers: $10-20.  It's not mandatory but depending upon the distance of your cab ride, round up or simply add as appropriate for a cab ride within Montevideo
  • Delivery drivers: $20 / USD1.  Establishments deliver to most places in Montevideo
  • Street parking attendants: $5-10 pesos is reasonable

Actually, the sign for uruguayan money is just $. In Colonia del Sacramento, and other places where everybody is used to tourists and foreign currencies, in most of the stores you´ll find signs like $U or UY$ for "peso uruguayo," $Ar for peso argentino and U$S for USDollar.  In fact, it seems that just about anything that's expensive (U$S100 or more) has it's price written in USD.