Palau's cell network operates on GSM 900 / 1800 MHz (2G), same as most other Asia/EU countries. PalauCel (PNCC) is the only carrier in the country, you can get a prepaid SIM card at USD35 ($10 airtime included) with your passport at their downtown office, whole process takes around 10 minutes. 3G data plans are recently introduced (USD50 for 1GB/30days; USD15 for 250MB/7days; USD3 for 50MB/1dayl USD0.15/MB). You may then purchase airtime cards at most retail locations for top-up. Intenational calling cards are also avaiable.

WiFi hotspots operated by PNCC (mostly in downtown area) and PTHOTSPOT (in most areas) are readily available in the main islands. For PTHOTSPOT, you can purchase prepaid WiFi cards at most retail locations (USD10 for 9hours). Simply logout at the browser page for non-continuous use Free WiFi hotspots available in selected restaurants at downtown and hotels, Internet speed is <1Mbps at all locations, do not expect to be able to stream videos or even load large photos.