Use a local tour company.  They are up to 50% cheaper for the same trips as organised by tour companies or hotels.

Felucca Trip   Take an hours sail up the Nile at sunset - unforgettable.  A two hour trip for two in a boat with just yourselves and the crew = £4 each.  Don't pay more.

Calesh trip  These horse drawn carriages are everywhere.  Negotiate a price first. A full tour of Luxor lasting one hour should cost no more than £5 or 50 egyptian pounds.  Please find a healthy looking horse - they are not all well treated.

Ferry across the nile to the west bank  Should cost no more than 10 egyptian or £1.  Takes 10 minutes.

Valley of the kings and the West bank.    An absolute must.  Most companies will tailor make a tour for you.  Select from Valley of the kings, Valley of the Queens, Valley of the Nobles, Valley of the Workers, Deir el Bahari, Rammasseum, Habu Temple etc.  Any three of these sights with an english speaking VERY qualified guide, Air con transport too and from the hotel, and all admission costs will cost no more than £20 or 220 Egyptian.  Trips can be arranged just to specific tombs or Temples.  The trip should last no more than 4 hours. 

Balloon Trip  Amazing trip to watch the sun rise over the nile and the valley of the kings/Queens.  Transport to and from the hotel, an hour in a balloon in the best setting imaginable.   Pay no more than 420 Egyptian or £40.  This trip will cost up to £80 through a tour company and you end up in the same balloon as them!

Fellucca trip

Camel riding  Trip to the West bank, an hour or so on a camle and a trip back - Pay no more than £4 or 40 egyptian.

Luxor Museum  Some excellent antiquities at about £7 a trip.  treasures from Ramses, Tuts tomb and much more.  Takes one to two hours.  Situated on the main Nile road.


Karnak - The largest temple in the world.  Go in the day and at night!  AT day it is magnificent.  Built and added to by many Pharoahs it sprawls over a huge area.  At night there is a sound and light show that id worth a visit if you have interests in 'What it must have been like'.  To visit day or night takes approx two hours.