Travelling within Hong Kong and to and fro Hong Kong could be a little confusing when you go there for the first time. Some suggestions:

1. If you are going to Macau directly when you land in Hong Kong, please book the ferry ticket online and ask your airline to check in till Macau. It will avoid a lot of trouble and delay

2. If you did not book the ferry online, you can take the Airport Express train from the airport after immigration. It goes to Hong Kong island via Kowloon. It costs 80 HKD for HK and 70 HKD for Kowloon.

3. If your first destination is still Macau, then get off at Kowloon station and take a cab to the ferry terminal. Its just 10 minutes away and should not cost more than 30 HKD. Some may suggest that its a walking distance to the ferry terminal from the HK station. But it can be quite a walk if you are carrying a lot of luggage

4. The ferry to Macau costs around 160 HKD and takes an hour to reach Macau

5. If you are staying in Kowloon where i guess the hotels are cheaper compared to HK island, you will have many options

6. You could travel to HK island by train from the Kowloon station. Its just 5 minutes away by train

7. The city is well connected by trains and amazing 2 deck buses. The drivers in the bus dont speak English and be prepared to sacrifice the small change because they dont return the change for the bus tickets. The cabs are a little expensive. Avoid them as much as possible

8. Lastly learn some local languange words(which i know is not easy) because English speaking folks are not as many as you would desire