Indonesia has a assortment of airlines with domestic routes, including Garuda, Mandala and Merpati. Budget airlines include Adam Air, Sriwijaya and Lion Air. On more popular routes, travelers should note to book well in advance, especially in the height of tourist season (around July and August.) Airport tax on domestic flights is usually between 2.00 and 4.00. A visa is required to enter Sumatra for a maxim of 60 days. The visa is not expendable. Tourist visas for thirty days can be attained from any Indonesian embassy or consulate.

Sumatra's main roads are pot-holed backroads, compared to other cities. Bus is the most common form of getting around and at times the only option within the city. Sumatra also has only one rail line, between Bandarlampung and Palembang. It is possible to rent cars, though it is difficult to drive on the local roads for those unfamiliar. In addition, bikes are available to get around locally.


It is also possible to travel to Sumatra via sea. There are speedboats from Penang in Malaysia to Sumatra; this route takes about 5 hours to travel and costs about $20.

Also, Tobali is a popular minibus transportation service used to go to various locations outside of Medan.