One of the most popular, recent draws to the wilderness of Sumatra is surfing. Sumatra has unbelievable, natural surf spots, with adventurous, large waves throughout the year. Not only do world class surfers come to Sumatra to experience the waves, novices as well can partake in a variety of surfing expeditions, where one can surf arguably the best waves in the world and experience a whole new culture, cuisine and lifestyle. Many islands offer such types of surf camps. Some of the camps are getting more adventurous and provide boat rides to more treacherous and intimidating waves for the more experienced. These camps will pick travelers up from the Padang airport or other airports in Sumatra and ferry the travelers to the designated island. 

North Sumatra has a variety of islands popular for surfing, such as the Hinako islands, and Nias. The peak season where the waves are largest are between May and September. Depending on the place in Sumatra, there can be a variety of breaks, from beachbreaks to reefbreaks. Many of the surf spots as well as nicely amalgamated with the waterfalls, mountains and rainforests surrounding the coast of Sumatra.

Lhoknga, close to Banda Aceh is also becoming popular for kitesurfing during months of May until September with cross onshore wind conditions suitable for beginners and experienced kiteboarders.  Flat water and waves available with strong consistent winds.

Although travel has subsided a bit since the Tsunami ravaged much of this area, many surf camps are still functioning. Travelers should consult with their travel guides or hotels on the latest surf adventure trips. The internet is also a great resource for camps.