There are three distinct seasons in Malapascua.


1.Spring from February to May


During spring the sea is at its calmest.


2. Summer from June – September


3. Winter “Rainy” Season starts from October – January.


The ‘rainy season’ officially starts in June and ends January. 



How to get there


Private vehicle


From Cebu City to Maya Port the journey takes 3 hrs and cost may be 3000 Php.



Transportation by Bus


Buses depart from Northern Bus Terminal. Look for the bus marked "Maya Bagay". This could be an Cebu-Autobus or CERES Liner. Leave early in the morning to avoid traffic and to enjoy a cooler weather. Maya is your destination. Bus fare is P 163 (aircon P 170) per person. It is the last stop, the northernmost town of mainland Cebu . The trip takes between three to four hours. There are usually two stops during which you can use the public bathroom or stretch your legs.



Boat Trip from Maya to Malapascua


A special trip will cost as much as P800-P1000. If you ride with other passengers, the fee is P 80 per person, but the boats will be waiting until at least 10 passengers are on board.



When the tide is especially low, you will be put in little rowboats to take you to the motorboats. Don't forget to pay the boatman. (P120 per person and P20 per luggage piece)


The boat ride to Malapascua Island takes 30 minutes to one hour. Your drop off point will be on Logon Beach which is on the westside of Malapascua. If you arrive in Malapascua at low tide, the pumpboat has to anchor about 70 meter outside and you have again to use a little rowboat, to get to the Island ( again  an P20 additional fare).



Please note


You may be required to wade in shallow water so your feet may get wet. Don’t wear good shoes or good clothing.

Also cover your luggage with plastic if possible as this may become wet during the journey.