One of the best (cheap) destinations to consider visiting is The Philippines, sometimes referred to as ‘The Pearl of the Orient Seas!’ 

The Philippines is a laid back, tourist-friendly country with an endless list of tropical islands and other exotic and memorable places to visit.  Just off-the-radar and often overshadowed by SE Asian neighbours and other Pacific island destinations, many find the Philippines a very good value for money destination with a tremendous amount of quality destinations and experiences for those who manage to discover and spend time in this country. Recently called the number #8 country in the world to visit for 2015 by the Lonely Planet (see link). There are many neat places to visit the Philippines for those who are ab 

What is also very very appealing about the Philippines is that spending time within the country can be very affordable. describes how budget travellers can visit Manila on no more than US$25 a day while still managing three star level travel to the capital for a mere US$50 per day (see link). As with most places around the world, the capital is considerably more expensive than visiting minor cities, rural areas and less developed parts of the country.  In the end, your money goes a very long way in the Philippines. 

For those potentially interested in visiting The Philippines, visit the Its More Fun in the Philipines Website run by the Philipine Department of Tourism.