Transport in Brazil make a big dent in your budget, a big one.

Like 3 hours drive can cost you 62$R or 10 hours on dirt track 100$R. And the comfort is not always tgere. Another inconvenient is also in certain area, the danger to be highjacked by some street groups.

A slightly cheaper or equal is a flight if you can buy a little in advance the "Promo price". It is also safer and many cities have a metro (example Recife) from the airport or most of it a bus directly to the center. In the north Azul is the cheapest, in northeast Goal or sometime Tam. You can shop on line!

Note> for travelers to Porto Seguro. Do not believe the information desk agent at the bus station when he tells you that it is 3 km to your hotel in town and that you have to pay 15$R for a taxi. Going out to the right, make a right at the first street, it is all down hill and less than a km for most of the hotels.