Beware a favorite scam that is frequently encountered in main tourist areas, especially if you are a solo traveler walking alone. A large packet of money will suddenly appear on the ground in front of you. Almost immediately a "local" will appear exclaiming, usually in English, "Hey, look at that!" He'll pick it up and flip through it. His enthusiasm is infectious. He will look around and see no owner. The line that follows may vary from "Come on, it's our lucky day!" to "In my country it is traditional to share good fortune". Shortly thereafter the "owner" of the dropped money will appear. By this time the happy stranger will have concealed the money on his person and claim no knowledge of it. The owner will then demand to see your wallets. The money-finder will happily show his, whereupon the owner will demand to see yours. While your wallet is open for inspection, the finder will do his best to distract you. While this is going on, the owner will swap out bills in your wallet...leaving a ten for your hundred, or a five for your fifty. It's all about speed and distraction. You won't discover the switch (if you do at all) until much later. So if you see a wad of money on the ground...just keep walking and ignore its "finder".