Online Sources

For anyone (at least anyone whose native language is English) who wants to learn more about Kiev and keep up with its current events and news, the Kyiv Post , the city's English-language newspaper, has a free website.  The Post is published daily and covers topics from world and national Ukraine news to Kiev's local and community happenings.  The day's top stories are always posted on the newspaper's homepage.  In addition to hard news, the Post also publishes classified for the city and its surrounding area,  job postings, editorials, and sports reports.  Readers can also register as users and have email updates of the area's news emailed to them daily. Print subscriptions of the newspaper are available via the website as well, but the delivery area may be limited. 

Especially interesting to read in the paper are its cultural reports which talk about all manner of Kiev's music, books, television and films.  The Kyiv Post is a must-read for anyone planning to visit the city as well as for Kiev's fans.


Michael F. Hamm - "Kiev"