If you are arriving in Kiev from an international destination you will likely land at Boryspil Airport, located in Boryspil, Ukraine about 10 miles outside of Kiev.  This is the Ukraine's largest airport, serving flights from many European flag carriers and major U.S. airlines.   The airport began its life as a small military airbase serving planes from Moscow in the late 1950's.  It has today been fully renovated and is constantly expanding to accommodate an ever-growing passenger load and flight schedule.  From Boryspil you can get ground transportation into Kiev by way of taxis, buses, rental cars, or hotel shuttles and private mini-buses. The overal price in taxi is 35 dollars, in Sky Bus to the Train Station is only 6 dollars, and from the train station to the center of Kiev ( Independence Square) is only 3 dollars (travel January 2013)

If you wish to travel by taxi, be aware of local drivers trying to catch passengers at the arrival hall. Use an official taxi or find a company online. If you don't speak Ukrainian or Russian, there are also several English-speaking services available.

Besides Boryspil Kiev is also home to two other airports. Zhulyany Airport, which served as the area's main airport until the construction of Boryspil, still serves passenger flights, though it is much smaller than its younger counterpart.   This airport is located in the southern part of Kiev and is run by the city.  It now serves international flights, though during Soviet times it was mainly a domestic airport.

Kiev's third airport is Gostomel, located near the northwestern part of the city.  This airport serves commercial cargo flights and charter service from Ukraine's Antonov Airlines, a division of the Antonov Airplane Manufacturing Company.

You may want to consider alternatives to a taxi to Kiev. It can take you up to two hours, not so much for the distance, which can be about 20 kms, but because you are absolutely certain that you are going to be stuck in a traffic bottle neck. While the counter keeps running.

The shuttle bus will cost you 4 Euros. You will also be stuck in the traffic but you will have already paid your way.