Culture and Craft (Route of Flowers) - This route is for those interested in crafts. You will be visiting the towns of Nahuizalco famous for it's wicker, the town of Juayua known for it's Black Christ, week-end food fair. This is a great place for souvenir shopping and meeting locals. A quick stop for a great view of the mountains and volcanos in Apaneca. You will also see Ataco. Here you will find a food market, church and a few stores to buy crafts, souvenirs and coffee. Santa Leticia and Ataco coffee is available. It's a beautiful town with painted sceanery walls, ceramic inlaids in the sidewalks. This town is known for colorful weavings and musical instruments. If time permits, a stop in Salcoatitan to see a huge 250 year old tree.  Each town is beween 10-20 minutes apart. This tour starts at 8 am till 2 pm and costs 40$/ adult, 28$/child and offered on Sat & Sun. Very worth while. (Jan 2008)
Juayua -one of the towns in the Culture and craft tour
Gourmet Coffee- Santa Leticia - This beautiful tour takes you in the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range. You will have the chance to visit the coffee plantation of Santa Leticia, known for it's gourmet coffee. You will enjoy a walk through the trails where where different stages of growth and variety of coffee plants can be appreciated.  You wil see a natural greenhouse filled with new cofee plants. In these mountains, you will visit the only archaeological private site of El Salvador, sacred ceremonial spot where the Mayans worshipped their gods. This spot accounts for now two Mayan monuments that date 600 years before Christ, know as Gordinflones (the fat ones). Take the time to buy Santa Leticia Gourmet coffee for 3$/pound. You will also have the chance to visit a processing plant in Apaneca and discover the time it takes to transform the beans and it's drying method.  Here you will have the chance to buy Apaneca Gourmet coffee for 3.50$/pound. The lunch offered is at the Santa Leticia plantation with, of course, a cup of coffee. The tour is one hour by bus from the decameron Salinitas Resort. This tour starts at 9 am till 4 pm and costs 65$/adult, 45$/child and offered on Thurs. and Sat.  (Jan 2008)
During the Coffe tour - Drying the coffee beans
Climbing the Izalco Volcano - This is a crator located at about 1900 meters above sea level. This is a beautiful volcano, with a perfect dark cone shape. This tour is perfect for those who enjoy sport activities and contact with nature. It is a difficult tour.  At the skirts of the volcano, after at least 45 minutes of walking, you will start the ascent of about 2 hours. Once you get to the top, you will encounter a crator of 275 meters in diameter and 27 meters in depth. You can observe the Santa Anna Volcano, the Pacific Ocean ,cultivated land, and the country of Guatemala. During your tour you will encounter a trail with approximately 1500 steps and resting sites. During this route, you will enjoy natures of beauty, and the chirping of birds such as the Torogoz (Nation Bird). This tours starts at 8 am till 5 pm, costs 75$ and offered on Fridays. (Jan 2008)
Izalco Volcano
La Antigua, Guatemala - This is a fascinating tour, rich in history, to be enjoyed in all its splendor. You will go back 300 years in time walking the cobble streets. You will start the tour through the Plaza Mayor where you will find the only mermaid fountain (Las Sirenas) constructed in the XVII century. On this route, you will appreciate the colonial architecture from the Central Park, La Vieja Plaza Real where bullfights and merchants gathered nearby the cathedral. La Antigua has numerous ruins and restored colonial architecture. You will visit the cathedral and the San Francisco el Grande Convent. You will approach the Cloister Institution and Temple of our Lady of Pilar of Zaragoza, better known as the Capuchinas. It was the last woman's monastery instituted in the city. Next you will visit the church and convent of La Merced. You will also have the chance to visit the jade factory and arts/craft stores, where you will find a variety of Guatemalan popular arts such as rock, gold, wood, wax, glass, silver,and  textiles. Many hours are spent on a bus. This tour starts at 6 am till 7 pm,  costs 100$/adult, 80$ per child and is offered on Wed. (Jan 2008)

Copan Ruins, Honduras - The city of Copan Ruins is a beautiful small town with cobblestone streets and adobe houses whitened with lime stone and red tilled roofs. It is just on the outskirts of Santa Rosa de Copan, close to the limits with Guatemala. The Ruins of Copan were declared by UNESCO as patrimony of humanity in 1980. These ruins are a quiet antique culture oasis, with sublime nature located in the eastern part of Honduras. You will escalate and descend staircases to be able to see the principal parts of the center of the ruins. You will see The Great Plaza where you will find the steles, the ball court and the staircases with the hieroglyphics.Many hours are spent on a bus and it may be without a bathroom. Many stops will be made in that case.  This tour starts at 6 am till 8 pm, costs 105$/adult, 80$/child and is offered on fridays. (Jan 2008)

Golfing - Golfing is available daily at the Las Veraneras golf club, only 10 minutes from the Decameron Salinitas, at the cost of 52$/person. You will find 18 holes - pair 72 of 7000 yards, a golf simulator, a putting greem, a driving range, club house and golf lessons. They offer golf clubs and golf cars for rent. Some have said the site is a work in progress, but the greens are very nice.
Las Veraneras

Juayua Cascades, - Found in the heart of the Route of Flowers, in the municipality of Juayua. These cascades are called ''Chorros de la Calera''. It's a massive underground river that pours out of hundreds of cracks in the three long cliffs. Each is about 10 meters high and range from 30 to 70 meters wide. There is a cement retaining wall below one of the falls that creates a nice swimming area. There are also some tunnels (30 and 50 meters long) at about chest depth, and at one point you'll be in total darkness. You may also see different species of birds like '' Magpies, Torogoz, Doves, Colibries'' . The tour starts at 8 am, and returns at 2 pm, costs 40$ / adult, 32$/ child and offered on Wed and Fri. (January 2008)

Canopy Tour - This is a great option for an adventure. This tour is in the hills of Apaneca, 1600 meters above the sea level. Harness, gloves,  and pulleys with steal wire provide the necessary guarantee throughout the route. In order to begin, it is necessary to walk a few minutes until arriving at the first platform. This stroll helps you become familiar with the atmosphere. At each platform, you can take a break while taking beautiful photographs of the sights. The distance covered between the stations is around 30-400 meters. There are 12 stations. The first 6 are a shorter distance to make you more comfortable with the equipement and to prepare you for the next level. The height and speed are predominant in the last part. Two hours and half are enough to enjoy this adventure. The tour starts at 8 am till 12 pm, costs 75$ and is offered on Thursdays and Sundays. (January 2008)


San Salvador and Botanical Garden tour - This tour takes you into the Capital city of El Salvador. The first stop was at the art Gallery of Fernando IIort La Palma. Small but beautiful. Not the best place to buy souvenirs because of the high price tag. Next stop was the Cathedral in downtown San Salvador. Beautifull inside and out. The tour takes you under the cathedral to a visit a wooden tomb.  While there you can take photos of the Nactional Theatre, but it was impossible to enter. Next stop brrings you to the wonderful, modern church of La Rosario. Once inside, the colored glass will make this a church to remember. Walking the streets of downtown will fill your ears with the noise music, traffic and people. Next stop was the Museum of Anthropology. All signs are in spanish, but the guide will gladly translate for you. Here, you can see a mummy.  A quick lunch in a hilltop setting will fill you up with either fish, steak or chicken.  Grab a snack before leaving the hotel, because lunch was a bit late. Then you will tour the Botanical Garden. It`s set in a crator. Don't worry it's not active anymore. This part of the tour takes 2-3 hours. Many plants and flowers from all around the world, not just Central America. we asked our tour guide to make a quick stop at a super market for batteries, and had a chance to buy a few things.  A long day, but very worthwhile if you like churches/nature and museums. This tours starts at 8 am till 6 pm, and costs 60$/adult, 42$/child. (Jan. 09) offered on wednesdays and Fridays.

Botanical Garden