Puerta Del Diablo is a peak located to the South East of San Salvador. Being of great significance to the Mayan Pipil people, it was a sacred site used for sacrifice rituals. It was named "The Devil's Door" by the Spanish Catholics who constantly opposed indigenous religious practice. Any taxi can take you from the capitol in about 20 minutes for only a few dollars. A quick hike to the top is completely worth the view, especially if you go late in the evening near dusk. The sunset to the west, lake Ilopango to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the south and El Volcan de San Salvador to the north make the view absolutely exquisite! Don't forget to stop by the little Pupuseria which is tucked into volcanic caves at the bottom of the mountain for dinner after your outing. Quite a view from the top of Puerta del Diablo!The sunsets are worth the trip.