The capital city of El Salvador, San Salvador is on the site of the capital city of the Pipil tribe, who were part of the nomadic Nahua peoples, who were actually closely related to the Aztecs of Mexico. Called Cuscatlán, this old city was abandoned shortly after the Spanish arrived in the New World.

More importantly it is worth noting that San Salvador is actually in its third location, having been twice rebuilt since it was founded in the 16th century. The first site was north of present day city, and moved to more fertile ground.

The city was destroyed in an earthquake in 1854, and the site of a major volcanic eruption in 1917. This followed several major earthquakes and the capital was moved to the nearby city of Santa Tecla, which was named Nueva San Salvador. As a result visitors can San Salvador can take in the ruins of the past cities while still enjoying the sights of the new capital.

After many years of wars, and natural disasters the city of San Salvador has recovered and it is a city rich with the culture of Central America, home to museums and rich natural sites, including those still active volcanoes!