After years of civil war and other hardships El Salvador has made great progress, and much of this shows in San Salvador, which is much safer than was only a few decades ago. Still visitors should be on guard while visiting El Salvador’s capital city. Pickpockets tend to be among the biggest threats, especially in the crowded street markets. Here you can find practically anything for sale… and sadly some of it may have belonged to a tourist only a few minutes earlier. Be on guard, and avoid carrying large bags or bulky items.

Likewise watch your possessions while you’re on the crowded buses, and after dark it is advisable to take a taxicab. Be sure to negotiate the fare prior to beginning your trip. Otherwise, stay in lighted areas and avoid dark and unpopulated streets. Female travelers should avoid heading out alone after dark if at all possible.

As San Salvador is located in the volcanic valley the pollution can be extremely high. While much of the surrounding region is green and lush, this is not the case in the city, and travelers might want to consider where to stay if they suffer from respiratory aliments.  

And finally watch when you’re crossing the streets. The city is highly congested with cars, and many drivers don’t give pedestrians the right of way!