Located in Central America deep within the tropics the weather of San Salvador is truly tropical with hot daytime temperatures and warm to cool evenings. The region doesn’t experience much in the way of seasons, except for the usual dry and rainy season each year.

What is winter on the calendar is generally cooler with temperatures in the 80s and low 90s during day, and only light rainfrall from November through April. The air flows from the Caribbean and it can be hot, dry but humid and this is known as the verano, or summer season to the locals despite the fact that El Salvador is fully north of the equator.

The “summertime” months of April to October are known locally as invierno, or winter. This is when the rain comes from the Pacific and can blanket the nation in heavy afternoon thunderstorms and evenings of continued rainfall. The temperatures aren’t affected much by the rain, but the humidity can tend to be very high following these intense rainfalls.

Thus the best time to head to San Salvador may be in the verano “summer” (from December to March), which to many American travelers would be winter!