You can rent a car to get around the city of San Salvador or to head further out to see the nearby sights and attractions.  Rental cars are available at the Comalapa International Airport, available at many resorts and also in the city center. An international driver’s license is not required, but drivers must be over 21-years of age. As San Salvador is an old city in a volcanic valley the roads are far from a grid pattern, but city center is made up of wide long avenues, as well as tight winding streets. Traffic in the city center near can be extremely congested.

Walking is a good option for the city itself and you probably won’t need a car. The bus network can be a bit confusing and includes long massive buses that cram in the passengers, to small microbuses that run throughout the city. Be warned that bus service is a bit dodgy on Sundays, and buses don’t typically run past 9pm on many nights.

Another option to get around the city is to take a taxicabs, which are generally clean and the drivers courteous. Taxis aren’t metered so it is hard to tell a true “official” from the rest. Either way, negotiate the price before you begin the journey. This is the standard practice in El Salvador, but not that at night the fares can be as much as double.