The Nicaraguan Tourist Board has its own website, Welcome to Nicaragua, that provides information for tourists on the entire country, including Managua.  People who want to visit or learn about what Managua has to offer can visit this website and find out about its history and background, available tours, special events, attractions, sports, museums, and transportation.  Tours to the area can be researched and booked right from the site.  Welcome to Nicaragua also has helpful maps and immigration and visa information for international travelers.

Those interested in the arts, culture, dance, or music will find that the site provides a lot of information about these topics.  The history and background of the region's foods is also listed and interesting to read.  Perhaps the most unusual and unique aspect of the site however, is its section on Nicaragua's poets and poetry, which is very informative.

Visitors who may have questions that the site does not answer can email the Tourist Board by clicking on the "Contact Us" bar on the menu at the top of every page.