In Maryland the average winter temperature is 33 degrees while the average summer temperature is 75 degrees. However, since Annapolis is on the edge of the water, it is a bit more temperate and damp than other parts of Maryland. Annapolis is rainy for much of the year. Since most months average over three inches of rain, most visitors should pack rain gear just in case. The winter months can get very chilly and the wind blows in from the harbor and ices the streets. Maryland does see a fair amount of snow in the winter depending on the month; January is the coldest month and it is not recommended to visit at this time simply because the aquatic life that Annapolis is known for can not be easily or comfortably experienced. Meanwhile, June, July, August and September are pleasant and warm with average temperatures in the 70s. During these months, Annapolis’ main streets are bustling with tourists, sailors and families. Also, from spring to October is crab season, a necessity for all foodies. Visitors should note, even in the summer, nights can get chilly as sea air comes in and provides a little bit of a chill for bare limbs.