No Sé is a place that is recommended amongst travelers all over Central America. It's a dive bar with live music every night. They have a couple of amazing local musicians, but artists passing through jump in regularly to jam with them. Great music, and at a volume where you can still carry on a conversation.

No Sé is known as the place where every nut is welcome, so they have quite some characters included in the 'family'. From bum to filthy rich, poets, writers, painters, movie directors, entrepeneurs etc. Lots of artsy people, but down to earth, not pretentious. The staff consists of both local people and foreigners, and is really dedicated to make a lonely traveler feel welcome.

They have a front bar, a back bar and a mezcal bar where they sell their own mezcal called Ilegal. Last year they turned their kitchen into a Maximón room (local deity, protector of drunks, sinners, prostitutes). Their famous chicken/ginger soup and Huevos Rancheros are still available at Y Tu Pina Tambien across the street, and instead No Sé offers great pizza and sandwiches with Jesus imprint on them, called the Grilled Cheesus.

On 1st Avenue near 6th Street, No Sé is across the street from Tu Pina Tambien and El Hostal. Open daily from 6 PM-1 AM.