Atlantic city like any other large city with a casino offers many places to go and do  things.....but your best to remember to be safe as you explore and go along the different areas.

There has not been much serious crimes against travellers in the casinos because they keep a pretty tight rein on things. But inside the casinos, ladies should not to travel with hugh floppy bags that someone could put their hands into easily. This could happen to you in any crowded location. Bring a bag that  snaps or locks closed. Only bring with you what you’ll need. Leave those multiple credit cards at home. Bring one or two with you. Don’t hang your bag off the backs of the chairs as someone could easily take it or get their hands into it.

Be careful about leaving slot tickets hanging on the slot machines or within easy reach of others -- people have been known to lose money after being distracted or turning the other way to do something and having tickets stolen off thier machine. Don't forget to cash out and take your ticket before leaving your slot machine.

If you are taking the Jitney Bus on the street you must walk from the casino to the street to get it. At night the taxi service is recommended for women traveling alone. Sometimes there are unsavory characters on the streets and after dark, standing around waiting for the jitney isn't a great idea unless you have a companion with you. Again use common sense..if you are all dressed up or have on Jewelry or designer clothing take a taxi to hop from casino to casino...

Do not flash money or show wads of cash anywhere. Make sure you bring singles and fives and tens in case you need to pay for the jitney or a taxi...have it ready in a pocket or change purse so that you are not digging in a bag or purse, especially while on the  street.

The streets off the casinos have many more food opportunities than one can count. There are also pharmacys around and fast food places galore. The Boardwalk has 24 hour food places also that are great to go into late at night after being at the casinos...but be smart..there are lots of police on the boardwalk late...but walking around late at night without at least one companion with you is not suggested. Be safe, be careful and enjoy the off casino restaurants, casino to casino hopping, and the many stores that are around the casino in Atlantic City.