The first  Concrete bridge in Asia is situated in the beautiful town of Muvattupuzha,a place in Ernakulam district.The bridge was completed in 1914 in the supervision of British engineer,VH Emarald,during the regime of Maharaja Sreemoolam thirunal.It connects the two regions of the city,namely "Kacherithazham",which is the main centre of the town and Velloorkunnam, Vazhappilly and Kadathy.The former is situated in the east of the Muvattupuzha bridge and the latter is situated in the southwest of the bridge.

                          It was in the 19th centuary that Muvattupuzha witnessed a number of administrative reforms.English man John Munro was the residen dewan of tranvancore at that period.

                          The locals in Muvattupuzha was suspicious about the stability of the bridge and to convince the people fifteen elephants walked together over the bridge on its inaugration day while the British Engineer and his better half stood beneath the bridge in a boatThe design of the bridge is resting on three arches under the semi suspension technology was unique.Iron rods and cement for the construction of the bridge were imported from England.Strong granite stones were brought from the "Payipra" hills.The "surki" was made at "Kochangadi".Although the bridge is 86 years at present,it still stand as strong as a sixteen year old boy.                                                      When the expenditure went a loft,it is said,the maharaja sarcastically asked if the Muvattupuzha bridge was built of gold.Funny enough,those who laid red carpet to the king were ridiculed well by the angry youths,the story goes on.

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