Owing to the mist and magic that prevails in this state, Kerala is now one of the highest travelled destinations in the country. On a visit to the "God's Own Country", you can spend splendid moments cherishing all the marvels of its pristine nature. Here is a list of some of the must to do things to do in Kerala that will add more fun and excitement to your tour:

1. Visit Periyar National Park: This scenic abode of the wildlife shares its boundaries with the Idukki and Pathanamthitta districts of Kerala. It is indeed one of the most beautiful and verdant national parks in the country. Home to more than 35 species of mammals that include Indian Elephant, Bengal Tigers, Gaur and others, it is a popular destination for wildlife spotting, Elephant Safari and nature photography. The visitors can also opt for an enthralling bamboo raft safari and witness the beasts meandering fearlessly in their natural habitats.

2. Trek to Chembra Peak: A fascinating peak that allures trekkers from different corners of the globe, it is the tallest peak in Wayanad, Kerala. Offering challenges that ranges from easy to difficult level, the peak has its own beauty and appeal. Also, on successfully completing the trek, the trekkers can take the delight of a heart shaped lake at the peak. Popularly known as the 'Chembra Lake', it is said that this lake has never dried up till now.

3. Witness the Silent Backwaters: In addition to the mesmerising beauty of the landscapes, Kerala is also bestowed with enchanting backwaters bodies. These serene and tranquil backwaters attract a bulky number of tourists every year. Alleppey and Kumarakom are the two most appealing destinations to witness the stunning beauty of the backwaters. Adding more to the beauty and charm of the backwaters, cruises are organised in order to offer the best experience of the backwaters.

4. Attend Kathakali And Kalaripayattu Shows: The richness of Kerala's culture and traditions are best explained through these two shows. While Kathakali is one of the most important and indigenous dance forms of the state, Kalaripayattu is a form of martial-art that originates in Kerala. Both the shows are performed by trained professionals and they gives an insight of the states age long bonding with art, music and self defence techniques.

5. Revel Snake Boat Races: The entire nation might go gaga when the National Cricket Team takes on their rival team. But if you visit Kerala during the months of August and September, you will witness a whole different phenomenon! It is during this month, God's Own Country starts preparing for a stately event called the 'Vallam Kali' or the 'Snake Boat Race'. With the advent of the harvest season, people from different corners of Kerala, with their full vigour and charisma, takes part in this race and creates a magical spell all across the state.

6. Go for Houseboat Stays and Cruises: Houseboats in Kerala are the best ways to discover as well as enjoy the pristine beauty of the backwaters. Manoeuvring over the backwaters, these specially designed boats take the visitors to the remote parts and introduce them with the mesmeric beauty of the state. Most of these boats are crafted to satiate all the yearnings for luxury and comfort while gliding over the silent backwaters. They are usually equipped with all the basic commodities and modern amenities that will never allow you a dull moment during your stay.

7. Sample Freshly Prepared Toddy: An indigenous beverage extracted from the coconut trees, Toddy is an important part of any of the celebrations in Kerala. Prepared by fermenting the freshly extracted sap from the coconut trees, it has a mild intoxicating effect and can be found in almost all the occasions in the state.

8. Paragliding in Munnar: In addition to being one of the most sought after destinations for trekking, cycling trips, nature walks and plantation visits, Munnar is also equally popular for paragliding. Soaring through the misty sky and witness the picturesque hills, plains, rivulets and plantations, one can enjoy the aerial views of this scenic land. Also, the favourable wind conditions and the visibility in the atmosphere make Munnar, an ideal paragliding destination in India.

9. Laze around the Beaches: Bestowed with the stunning beauty and grace of the Arabian Sea, Kerala is also the home to some of the scenic and groovy beaches in the country. Each of the beaches in Kerala has their own splendours and appeals. While the Varkala is the only beach in Kerala, where the Arabian Sea is accompanied with cliffs, Marari Beach bboasts of bieng one of the cleanliest beaches in the country. Kovalam Beach is known for the serenity that prevails along its length and breadth.

10. Visit Fort Kochi: A testimony to the Colonial Era of Kochi, Fort Kochi still depicts the various tales of a bygone era with its essence and architecture. Walking through the quaint lanes of this city, one can easily take a step back into the time, when Fort Kochi was dominated by the Portuguese and the British rulers.

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