Dehra Dun (or Dehradun, as it seems to be called in this site) is the capital of the Indian State of Uttaranchal. It's a bustling and fast growing, but unfortunately increasingly polluted city. Once known to be a sleepy quite town of retired people, Dehra Dun is now a bustling city. The city is surrounded by lush green Shivaliks that give the feel of god's adobe.

From the Indian capital of Delhi, the fastest and most comfortable way to reach it is by train. There are two good trains called "Dehra Dun Shatabdi Express" and "Dehra Dun Jan Shatabdi Express", which start from New Delhi Railway stataion and reach Dehra Dun in about 6 hours, which is also the minimum time one takes by road. These trains are comfortable and you arrive fresh. There is a Deccan Airways flight also, which taking into account the check in time at the airport and the time from Dehra dun airport to the city, takes about 4 hrs and 4 times the cost.

When you arrive at the Train station on head to Haridwar Road a few minutes walk, there are plenty of cheap hotels along this road heading East towards Gandhi Road junction with Haridwar Rd. Hotel Prices are relatively cheap - click here for TripAdvisor's listings.

Head to Barista, which is an Italian coffee shop, this is a chain throught India and is an oasis in a hot bustling place, great cappaccino and Latta and ide for the cakes. Dehra Dun Barista also houses the English book shop at the back with a great selection. It tends to be a meeting place for westerners and prosperous indians alike and is a real chill out place with A/C. Acroos the road is Gandhi Park only one gate in on Gandhi Rd and a well kept and presented park, nice for a casual walk. Just along this road is heading North is Astley Hall shopping area, some nice shops and of course McDonalds. The President Hotel has a good bar to have a refreshing drink.

Plenty of Internet places, recommend enrolling at Iways Internet shop they has outlets in most major towns# tourist places. You buy a temporary members card at 40 rupees lasts about 1.5 hours and can top it up at any time in any Iways Internet place. Good clean, reliable broadband access. Iways is situated on the Haridwar Rd just along from the Gandhi Road junction back towards the train station direction, on the right side of this rather bust main road.

It is not worth coming to Dehra Dun just to see the city. There is not much here, but it is on the way to the Himalayas and if you have a couple of days here, don't miss the Forest Research Institue's museum. Nothing much to shop here.

The area around Dehra Dun City is wonderful, green and heavenly. Places near Dehra Dun include the hill station of Mussorie, Rishikesh and Haridwar and Chakrata.

There are other great places to visit around the city.

1). Budhha Temple -its just around 1 Km from ISBT but a great monument to see.

2). Sahastradhara - famous for its divine sulphur springs that cures many skin diseases.

3). Lachchiwala - Another river side picnic spot

4). Asan bairage - bird spotting and water sports.

Derha Dun is the gateway to the Himalaya's and most hiking gear can be bought in the markets. A Taxi to Mussorie (1.5 hrs) will cost about 400 rupees, a bus at 25 rupees but not for the faint hearted.