Public mass transportation in Albany is in the form of bus service which is operated by the Capitol District Transportation Authority (CDTA).  The CDTA runs several bus routes throughout the city, including from the airport and Amtrack train depot.  Buses run seven days a week, with a limited schedule on Sundays and holidays.  Single ride tickets cost $1.00 and are available from bus drivers.   One day unlimited use passes are also available and cost $3.00.  Five and seven day passes can also be purchased, a bargain for anyone planning to use the system for more than a couple of days, starting at $36.00.  All passes can be purchased online at the CDTA's website.

Albany also has extensive taxi service available for visitors who do not wish to drive or use the bus.  Taxis are available at the airport as well as at all hotels and taxi stands.  People who want to call for a taxi can try Yellow Cab at (518) 426-4609.