By Air

    The largest and most frequently used airport on Jerba is located in the northwest part of the island near the city of Melita. The airport is about 10 km away from the island's capital, Houmt Souk, and about 45 km away from the resort area on the northeastern part of the island. The airport is new and modern, having been recently enlarged to handle the increased load of tourists that visit the island each year. Taxis are plentiful and not expensive. A fifteen-kilometer ride will cost you about the equivalent of one US dollar. A five-hour tour of the island in a taxi is only about 50 dollars, so you can reach anywhere on the island for a relatively inexpensive price.

By Boat

    The most-used ferry route to reach Jorba is from Jorf on the mainland of Tunisia. The ferry takes you to Ajim on the southwestern tip of the island. Ferries leave every half hour, and the trip only takes about twenty minutes. The ferries are rather small, though, so you may have to wait a little bit. Another, less-used and longer crossing is possible from El Kantera on the southeastern corner of the island. The ferry takes you to a city of the same name on the mainland of Tunisia.