Here are some basic Tips on getting from Narita Airport to your hotel, without knowing one word in Japanese.

Narita international airport has two terminals, each terminal has its own train station and there is a free shuttle bus between them.

Narita  Airport is located outside the city, and traffic jams at rush hours can make the trip to Tokyo a one or two hour trip. Exact time depends on rush hours and the type of transportation you choose to use.

There are 3 ways to arrive from Narita Airport to Tokyo – the good, the bad and the ugly (you decide...)

1. The  Limousine bus stops at major hotels in the city, so it's practically a 'door to door' service. Adult fare for one way ticket is ¥3000. There are promotions / packages if were to purchase a Return Ticket, such as getting free Metro Pass. For more information about Limousine Bus, please visit . The website contains the routes and stops, as well as the timings of the Limousine Bus. The ticket has to be purchased at the Ticket Counter in Narita Airport directly at the Basement level.
  • Your luggage is put onto the bus by efficient attendants.

  • Even if your hotel is not included in the bus route you can simply take a short Taxi drive from the nearest hotel on the route. The Narita Limousine bus ticket booth is located right at the exit lobby of Narita Airport.

  • It takes around 60-100 minutes to arrive to the city (depending on which area your hotel is).

  • If you stay around Shibuya area, you have the option of alighting at either the Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel (good choice to alight here if you are taking a cab as it stops at the hotel basement, near to the cab queue) or the Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu (good choice if you taking train or walking as it's part of the Mark City Shopping Centre and next to the Metro/JR station).

Beware that the Limousine service stops at 1030 pm Tokyo time.  If you pre-booked your ride, and you are delayed for any reason and   miss the final bus, you  WIL NOT be refunded.  

 2. There are two train lines from Narita airport and both will get you into Tokyo. There is a promotion for visitors to Japan by JR East, partnering with Suica. This promotion allows purchasing a one-way / round trip NEX package and it costs cheaper. One way ticket for Suica-NEX costs ¥3,500 and the round trip costs ¥5,500 for Adult fare. For visitors who are carrying a Japan Rail Pass, please note that NEX rides are already included in the Japan Rail Pass =)

  • The Japan Rail (JR) Narita Express called NEX, goes mostly to Tokyo Station. Travel time to Tokyo Station is 60- 90 minutes.

  • You will need to change trains at Tokyo Station for the Yamanote Line through to your hotel. Please note that Tokyo underground is packed during rush hours, and can be no fun at all after a long international flight.

  • The Keisei Skyliner Airport Express will take you to Ueno station or Nippori only. This option requires figuring out where you are on th Tokyo undergroundl. It takes around 30 minutes.

    You can save more than 14$ by using the normal Skyliner or Keisei trains, but this will cost you about 18 minutes more travel time to Ueno.

3. By Taxi – the starting fare is 710¥ and the fare can climb up to 25,000¥ or more. During rush hour perhaps even more.

By the way - frequency times for trains and Limousine buses are excellent- between 15-30 minutes.