The area where Sochi is found was for centuries inhabited by the Khazars, a group nomads from Asia. The Khazars worked in coordination with the Byzantine Empire so we know that the building remains from the Byzantine era circa the 11th century, were put up without protestation from the Khazars.

The land's ownership went from the Byzantine to the Ottoman Empire until 1829 when it officially became a part of Russia. Sochi was founded with the idea of tourism and resorts in mind in 1898. Upon discovery of beneficial natural springs, resorts popped up and in no time Sochi gained a reputation and beame the country's biggest spa town and health resort getaway. The Communist years of Russia did not adhere to the growth of Sochi. In fact, the spa-town status brought in important people, even the nobles of this time were building homes in Sochi, most notably Stalin had a home here.

Today Sochi remains a top spa and resort town. Further development and expansion is underway as Sochi has made the cut of finalists for the Winter Olympic Games in 2014.  Another fun fact on Sochi, a coastal town it is the second longest city in the world.