Sun and shopping in one place – why would anyone ever want to leave? Indeed, Bodrum is internationally known for its shopping: the city boasts everything from swanky boutiques to local craft stores. With all of its outdoor bazaars, it is often seems like the city is one gigantic market.

The upscale shopper should browse Bodrum’s high-end boutiques, most of which are situated in the shopping district down by the marina. Expect to find couture fashion but also patterns and prints inspired by Turkish culture – exotic sandals and jewelry are especially easy to find. Popular among visitors are the Turkish carpet shops, also located in the same shopping district. It is possible to drop a lot of money on one, but be sure to shop around and don’t allow a “guide” to help you find your carpet – he gets a commission and may not give unbiased advice.

Also on the main shopping streets, you’ll find plenty of tiny souvenir shops catering towards travelers. These are good if you want Turkish slippers, fabrics or knicknacks at a cheaper price than the boutiques. Of course, you can pick up extra film, postcards and other tourist necessities here as well.

If you’re hoping for a more traditional shopping experience and perhaps a place where you can haggle, explore Bodrum’s weekly markets. On Tuesdays the market is mixed-handicrafts, tapestries, pottery, and even those ubiquitous fake Rolex watches. On FRiday is the fresh produce market where yo ucan buy fruişt,slads,olives cheese,village herbs,bread etc.Bargaining is perfectly acceptable and this is also the best place to talk to Bodrum locals.
On the dual carriageway just on the outskirts of the town heading out to Turgutreis is Oasis Shopping Centre.This has shops,a cinema,a bowling alley plus many different eateries-oh,and a McD's just next door if you're desperate!