Taxis and rental cars are both available for visitors to Allentown, Pennsylvania.  However, both of these transportation options have certain advantages as well as disadvantages. 

            Taxis are a good way of getting around the immediate city, but if planning on traveling much further, consider another option (see the Trip Advisor: Getting Around page) as the fares can get rather high.  Fares are based on meters, which are standard in vehicles for all companies.  The best way to get a taxi is to call one of the agencies ahead of time to arrange for a pick-up.  For a list of companies located in or around the city, check out this Taxi Company List.  Most hotels, restaurants, and bars will be happy to make this call for their customers. 

            A personal vehicle is the most convenient form of transportation available in Allentown, as it allows the greatest freedom and flexibility in travel.   There is a Public Transportation system that connects many of the major areas around town, but it leaves much inaccessible.   First time visitors to the country should check out this Driving in United States page before deciding to get behind the wheel of a car.   Many people choose to fly into The Philadelphia International Airport , which is located about 65 miles south of Allentown, stop by one of the Car Rental Agencies based around the airport, and drive from there.   There are also numerous Car Rental Agencies around Allentown .