By European standards the weather in Cape Town is extremely moderate. Temperatures, even in the middle of winter, seldom drop below 10 degrees and in summer seldom rise above 32 degrees. The main rainfall occurs during winter, particularly July and August although regular showers occur from mid-May through to end of September.  From September through to end of January Cape Town is notorious for its south-easterly wind but one can quite easily find protected areas that are not affected by this wind. Beaches such as Clifton and Boulders, for example, are relatively untouched by the south-easter. The winelands area, about an hours drive away from the city, is also far less affected by the wind. The town of Hermanus, famous for its whale-watching, enjoys a completely different climate with far less wind but rain showers throughout the year, particularly in the winter months.

As a general guide tourists wishing to spend a lot of time at the beach would be advised to visit from February to mid-April. Those whose main aim is sight-seeing should visit from mid-September to mid-May. During the mid-May to end of June period you can expect some heavy showers but also some brilliant cool windless sunny days. It can be the ideal time for mountain walks - not too warm and very refreshing. I would avoid the months of July and August as the weather can be awful.