Urban bus service within the town

Tomar is a small and quite walkable city for the most part. The bus station is next to the railway station. A network of three urban bus routes (under the banner TUTOMAR) radiates from the bus station around the town.  There is no website for information for this operation. Buses run every 20 to 40 minutes on weekdays between about 730am and 8pm, on Saturdays between about 730am and 2pm and on Sundays and Holidays between 2pm and 8am. Note that there is no service after 2pm on Saturdays nor before 2pm on Sundays and Holidays.

Buses to surrounding small towns and villages

Buses operated by the Rodoviario do Tejo bus company link Tomar with surrounding small towns and villages. Buses are generally very infrequent, being tailored for local needs of school and shopping. There is virtually no service at weekends nor on holidays. The website at will give you more details. Timetables are displayed at the bus station.