Saint Helena is located in Northern California, a place which many people agree has some of the best weather in the entire world.  It is never particularly hot (as it often is in Southern California) and it is never particular cold (as it can be in some of the more mountains regions of the state).  The average summer high temperature remains below ninety degrees even during the hottest month (which is July).  The average winter low temperature stays above freezing point even during the coldest month (which is January).

Most people who come to Saint Helena do so in order to see the local vineyards, so the best time to head there is usually some time during harvest season.  In the spring, everything in the area is in bloom.  However, in the autumn, the harvest season is coming to a close and travelers may find that the unique look of the landscape at this time of year makes it an excellent season for a visit.  Late season visitors should know that the rainy season starts in November.  It continues through March, with the beginning and end of the season averaging approximately five inches of rain per month and the heart of the season seeing approximately two inches more than that.

A detailed climate map showing the average temperatures and average rainfall of Saint Helena all throughout the year is available online at .