Public transportation in Santa Monica is better than in most other parts of the Los Angeles area. Numerous bus lines converge in Downtown Santa Monica. There is frequent east-west service on Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica Boulevard, and Wilshire Boulevard, and frequent north-south service along Main St. and Lincoln Blvd. Other streets also have bus service, so you're rarely very far from a bus line in Santa Monica.

The Big Blue Bus is the main form of public transportation within Santa Monica. Not only can you get all around Santa Monica, but you can also get into Los Angeles as well. The bus costs between $.75 and $1.50 a ride depending on whether you go with a local or express route. The subway (the Metro) from Union Station costs $1.25 or you can grab a Metro Day Pass for $3.00, which is good for all local travel (of course, that’s not going to help you with the Big Blue Bus fare; because the Blue buses doesnt

not accpet Metro day passes (but they do accpect transfers from Metro though)

 At Union Station you can grab the Metro Red Line which will get you into Hollywood. The Blue, Green and Gold Lines go to other areas of Los Angeles County.

There is also the Tide Shuttle that runs throughout Santa Monica and costs a mere $.25 cents. The Tide Shuttle runs from Venice Beach to the Santa Monica Pier and within the area. Check out the map and schedule here.

Still, walking remains your best bet within the boundaries of Santa Monica. You don’t have to live by a schedule and you never need correct change.