Arts and cultural events and happenings in Boulder, Colorado are extensive and diverse, considering the city is home to only about 100,000 permanent residents and about 25,000 full-time students. The city places the arts and culture at a high level, and while many of the cultural events in the city are related to or put on by the University of Colorado, many are independent or government-run entities.

Boulder is home to several museums including the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, the Boulder Museum of History, and the University of Colorado Museum.  In addition, there are several libraries in the Boulder area. The University houses a very large library with an extensive spevial collection, and there are also several branches of the Boulder Public Library around town.

There many musical and theatrical events and performances for visitors to attend, including the Boulder Philharmonic, the Boulder Ballet, and the Boulder Shakespeare Festival. Some of these offer year-round performances, and others are seasonal. However, they always draw visitors from near and far.

Recently rated the #1 Sports Town in America by Outside Magazine, Boulder has plenty of outdoor activities to test the limits of your adventurous side. Nestled at the foot of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, Boulder boasts hiking, climbing and biking trails that will satisfy your need for a casual day trip or a rigorous adventure.

The 29th Street Mall and downtown Boulder's Pearl Street are the main shopping areas which include retail stores, art galleries, restaurants and pubs. Enjoy an incredible variety of fun things to do in downtown Boulder. Music festivals, art shows, and community events throughout the year make historic Boulder a fun and exciting place to be. Savor the energy of the city after dark with nightlife you won’t find anywhere else.