Boulder, Colorado is a relatively self-contained city located about 30 miles from Downtown Denver. The City of Boulder has just about anything that a person could possibly need, such as grocery stores, shopping, libraries, and all other common services. So, any person either living in or visiting Boulder does not have to travel great distances in order to find anything needed.

Many of the college students who live in Boulder do so without owning a car. The public transportation system in Boulder is very extensive and can get a person to any point in the city with great ease. Most enrolled students at the University of Colorado in Boulder as well as permanent Boulder residents are in the possession of a bus pass.

Both permanent residents of Boulder as well as temporary college students are notorious for being an environmentally friendly group of people. Therefore, it is common to see many people packed on the available public transportation system as well as on their bikes, traveling to all ends of the city.

There are several bike paths throughout Boulder , and there are also many pedestrian paths which are frequently used. The city of Boulder receives an average of 300 sunny days a year, and because of this people are able take advantage of the outdoors and use their bikes, their legs, public transportation, and even their own cars to get where they need to go.

Boulder also boasts a bike sharing program, Boulder B-cycle, as part of its transit network. Visitors can purchase short-term access to the system, which allows the rider to take as many trips of 30 minutes or less as desired during that access period. For visitors unfamiliar with bike sharing, it is important to note that usage fees will accrue for any individual ride longer than 30 minutes. Riders can check out a bike at any of dozens of stations around town, and return the bike to any other. Visitors who hold annual membership in any other city with a B-cycle system can also use their memberships in Boulder.