There are quite a few modes of transportation in the city of Boulder, Colorado. Four of the most popular are driving personal vehicles, taking public transportation busses, riding bicycles, and walking. Most people who live in Boulder use all four of these methods to get around town.

Most people who live in Boulder own a car, however, many of the students who attend the University of Colorado do not. Parking in Boulder is a huge problem, and it can sometimes be next to impossible to find a legal parking space. When a legal space is not available, many people have no choice but to park illegally and subsequently receive frequent parking tickets.

The public transportation system in Boulder consists of a regional and local bus system. In general, the system is very accommodating and relatively inexpensive. A person can easily find a bus that is traveling to almost every area in the city, as well as from Boulder to the Downtown Denver area. It’s even possible to take public transportation to Denver International Airport and other destinations around the state of Colorado.

There are many bicycle and pedestrian paths that are always crowded with people who would rather enjoy the great outdoors than being holed-up in a vehicle. Because many of the residents of this city are environmentally-conscious, they prefer to utilize these non-pollution-causing modes of transportation.