Groton is relatively small, but many of the principal attractions are spread out, so it is not very conducive to traveling on foot. The Submarine Museum is located a couple of miles north of downtown Groton, and other worthwhile attractions are located across the Thames in New London. The best option would be to rent a car. Otherwise, you can use the public bus system.

Public Transportation

    SEAT is the Southeast Area Transit bus system that serves multiple cities in southeastern Connecticut, including Groton, New London, Norwich and seven other cities. Go to their web site for route maps and schedules. Most routes are intercity links, shuttling residents from Groton to Norwich, for example. Route #11 is the Groton local route, and makes about 30 different stops in the city, effectively covering the entire town. If there is substantial snowfall, some routes alter their route, see the website for more information.

    Base fare for adults is $1.25 per ride, up to $2.25 depending on how far you are going. Traveling between cities usually requires an increase in the fare. There is a discount for people aged 5-18 or above 65, and children under 5 ride for free.